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Patio Furniture Buying Guide: 4 Tips you must know

28 Aug 2023

As the weather turns warmer, it's the perfect time to invest in new patio furniture for the upcoming summer season. While styling your outdoor space can be an enjoyable process, there are a few factors to keep in mind before diving into your furniture purchase.

At Rattanpark, our mission revolves around enhancing your outdoor experience, making it more enjoyable for you and your family. With our expertise in outdoor furniture, we're here to guide you through the process of selecting pieces that will transform your outdoor area into a space you truly adore.

Unlock essential insights before buying patio furniture with these must-know tips.


1 Measure your space

As you embark on your patio furniture journey, remember to start with precise measurements of your outdoor space.

Delve into the dimensions and layout, ensuring that the new furniture fits seamlessly without overwhelming the area. This precaution eliminates any unforeseen surprises upon the furniture's arrival.

For your convenience, all our product descriptions are equipped with Overall Dimensions, making your purchase a seamless and informed process.

 patio furniture size


2 Budget

Set a budget that harmonizes with your financial considerations. Premium patio furniture spans a spectrum of price ranges, and having a predefined budget will streamline your choices, enabling you to discover pieces that flawlessly blend style and affordability.

The art of striking a balance between quality and budget can be challenging for many when selecting patio furniture. However, a crucial pointer is that quality holds the key. This ensures a lasting and blissful companionship between you and your new patio furniture.

Avoid squandering your resources on cheaper alternatives that often feature subpar materials and a shortened lifespan.

At Rattanpark, all our patio furniture is meticulously crafted from all-weather wicker, aluminum frames, and teak coffee tables. These robust materials are designed to withstand the elements, encompassing heat, rain, wind, and even snow.


3 Material

When it comes to cheaper patio furniture, it often translates to a compromise in terms of material quality, inevitably leading to a shorter lifespan. That's why conducting a thorough examination of the patio furniture set's materials becomes paramount. The subsequent list delineates the materials you absolutely must acquaint yourself with:

  • Frame: Opt for aluminum over steel. Aluminum frames are renowned for their lightweight nature and exceptional rust resistance, making them an ideal choice for enduring outdoor conditions.

  • Wicker: Insist on all-weather wicker. This high-quality synthetic material is formulated to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, ensuring your furniture retains its aesthetic appeal over time.

  • Cushion & Pillow: Prioritize materials that are showerproof. These cushions and pillows are crafted to repel water, preventing moisture absorption and ensuring they remain in optimal condition even during unexpected rain showers.

  • Coffee Table: Give preference to teak over steel. Teak coffee tables exude both elegance and durability. They are naturally resistant to decay and weather, making them an exquisite yet resilient addition to your outdoor space.

  • Assembly: It's worth noting that assembly quality plays a vital role. Ensure the furniture's assembly is sturdy and well-constructed to prevent premature breakage, guaranteeing a long-lasting investment.


By making informed choices based on these material considerations, you'll be on your way to selecting patio furniture that not only enhances your outdoor space but also stands the test of time.


4 Clean & Maintenance

Keeping outdoor furniture clean might not be a walk in the park, but it's an essential task that can't be overlooked.

At RattanPark, we've meticulously crafted our sofa sets with easy cleaning and protection in mind. The outdoor environment can be quite demanding, with varying elements like sun, rain, and even snow. While we employ all-weather materials, we understand that this isn't always sufficient.

That's why we've included customized rain covers with all our sofa sets. These covers act as a protective shield for your furniture when it's not in use. It's as simple as pulling the cover over the furniture, ensuring that your investment stays in impeccable condition.

Selecting ideal patio furniture can be a challenge. From size and seating requirements to cleaning and protection considerations, every detail matters.

customized rain cover


Whether unwinding after work or hosting loved ones, RattanPark is your partner in embracing outdoor living!

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